A mountain represents your happiest times, and a valley represents your saddest times. You can add specific events into the artwork. Get closer https://ecosoberhouse.com/ to facing your fears by making what scares you more real, and relatable, through a drawing. Literally, take your art out-of-doors.

art therapy for addiction ideas

She is the owner and lead clinician at the Center for Creative Counseling based in Pittsburgh, PA. Hayley Wilds, MA, LPC, is a licensed counselor, art therapist, certified family-based therapist, and clinical supervisor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Hayley has worked in the mental health field for 20 years, helping both clients and clinicians.

Build a safe place

Then write a short story about it. The therapy drawing develops flexible role-playing behavior, the formation of identity. Pick a day you would like to remember and draw its content in every detail. The task is to actualize the feelings; distance from negative events. At the crossroads art therapy ideas.

art therapy for addiction ideas

Just like art therapy, it is thought to help patients tap into emotions and needs that may be difficult to express through more traditional forms of communication. Furthermore, music therapy also provides a way to motivate patients art therapy for addiction ideas to receive treatment. In these treatments, patients go beyond simply listening to music to engage emotions, motivations, and barriers to recovery through lyrics and melody (American Music Therapy Association, 2014).

The University of Hong Kong, Centre of Behavioral Health, Hong Kong

Rather, they are proficient in the skilled use of expressive arts as an integrative intervention in psychotherapy (Knill et al., 2005). It is especially well suited to clients who lack the ability to articulate their inner world with words alone. These clients can use the many forms of creative arts to express themselves. Additionally, some art therapy directives can be self-guided, but they work best under the guidance of a trained art therapist. The container metaphor can serve as a physical symbol that can tap into those feelings and experiences.

art therapy for addiction ideas

You can use this exercise to paint the things that empower you or the struggles you want to overcome on a rock. With your favorite art tools, design an invention that would make you happier. Create whatever would make you happy every time you use it. Get your hands messy and have a good time with finger painting, spreading the paint, creating shapes and blobs and anything that comes to mind.

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