Everything will be tokenized and connected by a blockchain one day.


Studies conducted in 2021 unveiled some astonishing facts about crypto trading in Australia. 10,412 reports were made as a result of scams worth $129M.

Protect yourself from scams

All it takes is just these three simple rules

There are more hackers than you can imagine on the internet. Since you always take steps to keep your belongings safe, make sure you do the same in cyberspace too! It takes just three rules to protect your account: “Secure, Protect, Report”.

SECURE your account with a strong password

Short passwords may be easy to remember, but you may also be making easier for hackers to crack. The most common passwords used in 2022 were still “password” and “123456”*. Yours should be much more complex than this. Be sure to use a strong password and change it regularly.

PROTECT your personal information

Sharing may not be caring in the cyber world. When you are asked to provide your account credentials (e.g. online banking username and password, one-time passcode, and credit card credentials) and other personal information (e.g. Australian ID number and date of birth), stay vigilant! You will lose money if fraudsters steal this information.

REPORT if you find anything suspicious

If you receive calls or messages asking for any of the above information, please report it to us via our customer service hotlines immediately:

[email protected]


Our users are our top priority. We want you to always stay on the safer side and keep thriving in your crypto trading game. That’s why we have proposed some safety precautions for you to save yourself from scams or wrong proceedings. Please strictly follow these instructions:

  • NEVER give anyone your login credentials
  • NEVER share your KYC documents with a third party to open an account with us
  • NEVER let anyone open an account for you under your name
  • NEVER share your screen with anyone
  • NEVER share your wallet’s private key
  • NEVER click-open emails that come from malicious links. They lead to fake websites and collect your personal information, such as crypto wallet passwords

We assure you that if you follow the instructions and are equipped with the proper knowledge of crypto trading, you can ace it!