Digifinex Review

It’s essential to consider the overall trading experience, including the platform’s reliability, speed, and ease of use. A highlight in this Digifinex review is the extensive suite of trading features provided. Traders can leverage spot trading, margin trading, and even crypto loans. It also offers an OTC trading desk for large-volume transactions. Such a diverse range of trading features makes Digifinex a versatile platform for different types of traders. DigiFinex is an Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange with more than four million users from all over the world.

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DigiFinex KYC (Lv3. Proof of Residence Verification)

Data required from the users consist of the Name, Date and birthplace, Email, Phone number, and Mailing address. Finally, users have to provide proof of address, such as utility bills, telephone bills, and bank or credit card statements. The documents provided by users undergo multi-factor authentication before establishing their accounts. DigiFinex Global is a Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange platform owned by DigiFinex Limited.

We have aggregated essential elements from the quality of service in its niche to public feedback from clients and DA (Domain Authority). Our powerful tool confidently came up with this 50.8 rank based on an intelligent algorithm created by our fraud prevention team. I’ll give perfect score 10/10 for being the scummiest exchanger, 100% SCAM, 100% Scummy admin n service. Money Deposited never arrived, correct address but still not received. The services and products offered by this platform are versatile, giving me loads of choices to boost my revenue. Great platform for newbie, easy to use, you got demo to try, I made money through this platform, not a lot but nice experience.

Registration Process For Digifinex Crypto

In the age of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), Digifinex is also exploring opportunities to integrate decentralized finance solutions into its ecosystem. They recognize the increasing popularity of DeFi and are preparing to capitalize on this trend. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Digifinex users will have access to the most innovative trading opportunities.

  • DigiFinex offers low and transparent fees, with a flat 0.2% fee for both makers and takers.
  • Overall, it is an excellent platform for trading on different exchange coins and native tokens.
  • In terms of trading fees, Digifinex implements a maker-taker model, with fees starting from 0.2% and decreasing with increased trading volume.
  • A highlight in this Digifinex review is the extensive suite of trading features provided.
  • In the six years since its launch, the DigiFinex exchange has grown into one of the most popular exchanges in the crowded trading space.
  • Thanks to DigiFinex’s mobile app, users can conveniently log in to their accounts, trade cryptocurrencies, and monitor their investments via smartphones.
  • But for derivatives, it processes over $1.5 billion in daily volume, which is in the top 30 of all exchanges.

Proof of Reserve (PoR) is a process that proves an exchange has the number of funds it claims to have in its reserves. It shows users that the exchange has fully backed their assets using crypto reserves. DigiFinex has an active and easily accessible PoR system that users can access once they meet the requirements below. DigiFlex provides advanced charting, real-time order books, and a variety of order types to cater to intermediate and advanced cryptocurrency traders’ needs. DigiFlex lets traders monitor the market using its default charting tool with the option of upgrading to TradingView, a leading charting platform. The launchpad feature is for investors who don’t want to miss out on future investment opportunities.

DigiFinex review: DigiFinex Restricted Countries

Since then, he’s continually educated himself on the latest developments within the crypto space. DigiFinex has several security measures in place to ensure the safety of the exchange as well as user accounts. One of the measures that DigiFinex implements is using secure physical vault storage for those who have funds in the DigiFinex wallet. The exchange uses multiple fail-safe layers in their security practice to ensure bank-like security. The DigiFinex fee for margin trading carries a flat 0.05% overnight interest rate for each trade.

Digifinex Review

The layout of the pro user interface does not have much difference. An order window comes with an option to switch between spot and margin trading along with the pre-set volume amounts on the sliders. The withdrawal and deposit in DigiFinex are fast and straightforward. Initially, the trading platform did not accept any fiat currency. It resulted in limiting new Cryptocurrency investors from doing any trading activities.

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